The bible tells us to give generously and cheerfully. If you want to take a next step in your obedience to God by tithing, jump in here. If you tithe (give 10%) of your family’s income for 90 days and at the end of the 90 days you believe that God hasn’t blessed you for your obedience, then we will give you all of your money back!

90 Day Tithing Challenge

Let us know you're taking the Tithing Challenge. We'd love to send you some resources to help and encourage you.

90 Day Tithe Challenge Agreement

I understand…

  • by submitting this Agreement, my household will begin giving 10% of our total income to Waters Edge Church.
  • the 90 day period begins with my first tithe payment.
  • my tithe may be paid by check or through Waters Edge Church’s online giving option so my tithe can be properly recorded.
  • if I am not convinced God has blessed me/my family during that time, I am entitled to a full refund of the amounts given during the 90 Day Tithe Challenge.
  • any request for a refund must be made 90 to 180 days after my first tithe payment and I must show that I tithed.

5 Common Objections to the 90 Day Tithe Challenge

1. Tithing is an Old Testament ONLY command and does not relate to those living under the new covenant. While tithing is explicitly taught throughout the Old Testament, numerous inferences to tithing remain throughout the New Testament. It’s evident that Christians in the early church gave consistently and generously to support the work of God through their local church. There’s no Biblical data to suggest that what they gave was any less than a tithe; and therefore there’s no data to suggest that Jesus did away with the command to tithe. What we find throughout the whole of the New Testament is actually a new HIGHER standard of living and obedience. If your objection to tithing is that it’s Old Testament only, there’s no way that you should be giving less than a tithe under the new covenant. Your argument should be that the new covenant sets a higher standard than tithing.

2. Can I trust the church with that much money? You trust the church with your kids. You trust the church to teach you God’s word. If you can’t trust your church with your money, you’ve got a priority problem (because you are placing a higher priority on money than your kids and God’s word) or you’ve got a church problem. At Waters Edge, our budget is reviewed by a Board of Directors and undergoes a thorough annual review by a certified CPA. If you give financially to Waters Edge Church, you can review the budget at any time as well by contacting our administrative offices.

3. I can’t afford to tithe…I can barely make ends meet as it is. I would suggest that you can’t afford not to tithe! God makes a promise of provision that is based on your obedience to the command of tithing. When you give the first 10%, God supernaturally gets involved in the next 90%. Now this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy or that you’re going to get rich! You’ll need to budget wisely and cut back on expenses. You’ll need to limit debt and honor God’s principles for your finances. I’m convinced however that as you tithe and live within your means on a budget, God will honor and bless you.

4. I give back to God in other ways like my time. That’s great! God wants you to be generous in more ways than money; however, He does not give us the option of trading one for the other. Jesus said that money is the single greatest indicator of your heart. With that being said, it makes complete sense to me that God wants me to obey Him with my money because He wants all of my heart.

5. I tithe, but to other charities and not just the church. I love charities! I try to give to them when I can. Our church LOVES to partner with local charities that are making a difference in our community. However, giving to local charities is not the same as giving to God through the local church. The church is the body of Christ. The church is the change agent in the world today. The church is the only organization that Jesus said He would build. The church shares the mandate and the mission of Jesus. The local church is the model for giving in the Bible. When you tithe, it goes to the local church. Giving to other charities is above and beyond the tithe.