Hampton + Newport News Merge

In November 2018 we were informed that we are losing our lease and we were left with the challenging decision of what’s next for Hampton?  After much prayer and consideration, we are excited to announce that we merged our Hampton Campus with our Newport News Campus in January.

We are ONE church - Team WEC! By Combining Hampton and Newport News campuses we have an opportunity to make the greatest impact. This will help us to gather momentum, excitement, and combine the strength of our leaders.

 This merge supports organizational stewardship - merging is the best use of our resources, financially and people.

God has provided for this moment. Everyone has a place + Ability to absorb = Remarkable gift of space and proximity to Newport News Campus.

Proximity = 91% of Hampton attendees are located10 minutes or less further from Hampton to Newport News.

Every leader, every volunteer, every group member, every person in Hampton will have a place in Newport News.

Our Hampton & Newport News Staff see God working in and through this to accomplish the mission!

Hampton may not have a building for us, but we still have a building for Hampton! 

And we still have a heart for Hampton – we’re not leaving the city! 

9:30 AM & 11:00 AM

Newport News Campus